Something is waiting for U

Hi had ur dinner
Go 2 bed fast
Because something is waiting 4 u
Do u know what is that…?

“Sweet dreams”
Gud nite!

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Aayenge khwab mein

Kudrat ke karishmon mein agar raat na hoti,
To khwab mein unse mulaqat na hoti,
Wo wada to kar gaye ki aayenge khwab mein,
Mere khushi ke neend na aaye to kya karen.

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Usse hum zindagi kehte hain

Pyar kehte hain,
Mohobbat kehte hain,
Kuch log isse bandagi kehte hain,
Magar jiss pe hum marte hain usse hum zindagi kehte hain

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Friends till da end

Dreams r 2 b 4goten
reality to b lived
desires 2 b fulfilled
& destiny 2 b reached.
where it began.
where will it end.
friends from da start.
friends till da end!.

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What is the girl who is not married and is standing below known as ???
Let me tell you
She is known as

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Chot to khaye magar gila na karay

Suna hai mohabbat usay duaen dete hai
Jo chot to khaye magar gila na karay.

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