Nice people are like wind

Nice people are like wind,
You never know what is in their heart,
You can only feel their presence in sincerity.
Do not look here and their, just look at mirror.

Let’s share the world

A sea is for you, and waves are for me.
The sky is for you, and stars are for me.
The sun is for you, and light is for me.
Everything is for you, and you are for me.

Thought for the day

“Never make the same mistake twice”
There are so many new ones to make…

Love you high

Like Moon in the sky,
You are living in my eye,
In my heart love you high,
For your sake ready to die,
Without you my life is dry,
If you forget me my soul will fly.

She is no one but ur sweet loving MOM

When u feel u r alone in a crowd
When u feel no 1 can understand u
When ur love is rejected by others
When u hate ur life
Just close ur eyes see her face who loves u more than anyone else
Who cares for u in loneliness dies for u when u cry
She is no one but ur sweet loving MOM
Love her more than anyone else in this world
Bcoz only she was, is and will be there for u all the time
Pass this message to every one u know, if u love ur MOM

Always make ur absence

Always make ur absence felt in such a way,
That somebody misses U,
But let not ur absence be so long,
That somebody starts learning 2 live without U!!!

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