Simple Hi

[[]]          [[]]   (“V”)
[[]]====[[]]    ’V’
[[]]====[[]]    [[]]
[[]]          [[]]    [[]]

A simple “HI”
2 Make you smile
& Remind you of me…

Star might fall for u

When u love some1,
Its like reaching for the star .*.
U know u cant reach them .*.
But u keep trying
Coz may be 1 day that star might fall for u .!.*.!.*.!

Sweetest ALWAYS..

U look Sweet
When u read my sms
When u read n smile
when u read ,smile n reply
So try to be Sweetest ALWAYS..

I love u…

There is no shine on the stars without u,
No shine on the moon without you,
Living life without u is not a dream to dream without you.
I love u…

Exams are like WIVES

Exams are like WIVES:
1.Too Many Questions.
2.Difficult To Understand.
3.Elaborate Explanation Is Needed.
4.Result Is Always Unexpected.

He gave me U

I asked god 4 flower he gave me bouque.
I asked god 4 minute, he gave me day.
I asked god 4 true luv, he gave me that too.
I asked god 4 an angel and he gave me U.

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