Never ask for a kiss

Never ask 4 a kiss, just take it.
Never give a hug, ask 4 it.
Never ask do u luv me, first say I luv u.
Never say I cant live without u, say I live for u.

Which has no end.

A star has 5 ends,
A square has 4 ends,
A triangle has 3 ends,
A line has 2 ends,
A life has 1 end,
But,I hope our friendship will be like a circle,
Which has no end.

Smile in pleasure

Smile in pleasure
Smile in pain
Smile when trouble pours like rain
Smile when someone hurts u
Smile coz someone still loves to see u smiling.

Earth is made for selfish

A baby fish asked her mother: Why can’t we live on earth?
Mother fish: Earth is not the place for fish, it’s made for selfish.

Keep on smiling…

Every morning I woke up,
U R the first one to smile at me,
Every time I close and open my eyes U R the first one I see.
what a gud friend you are!
Keep on smiling…

Billions of words

Millions of sentences,
Billions of words,
Zillions of characters,
All just to convey a simple feeling,
A feeling as old as humanity,
As faint as your smile,
And as beautiful as U.

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