Valentine Gift for girlfriend

Girl: What kind of gift you will present to me on valentines day?
Boy: Please tell me what do you want?
Girl: Please give me a ring.
Boy: Ring means whether from my land line or from my mobile?

Your impact on me

It’s funny how big of an impact u have on me,
It’s like when I see u, u don’t even have to speak ,
All u can do is smile & it can make my day &
That’s how I remember my reasons 4 loving u.

5 greatest words…

5 greatest words : I dun wanna lose U.
4 pleasant words : I care for U.
3 sweet words : I admire U.
2 wonderful words : Miss U.
1 most important word : “U”

Memories last forever

Memories last forever,
They simply never die,
True friends stay together,
They never say good-bye.

Different of smile

Smile 2 old people means “RESPECT”
Smile 2 children means “KIND”
Smile 2 girls means “LOVE”
Smiling in front of mobile means…
I have missed U a lot,
And U’ve got SMS from me.

Feeling bored?

Feeling bored?
Wondering, what to do?
Open the zip!
Enter your hands in between your zip,
Take out your…
Book from your bag and study.

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