I love U very much

I love U very much
My heart is made to love u only
Don’t dare think to leave me
Coz there is no spare heart in me.

It’s a piece of cake so

When you are feeling stressed and about to break
Just remember stressed is simply desserts spelled backward
It’s a piece of cake so … Just enjoy!


Good news for Karachi University students
Exams of University have been postponed upto June
To confirm goto site www.stopdreaming.com & start studying.com

A lucky star dropped

A lucky star dropped on earth last night,
It asked me what did i want?
A true friend or a million dollar
I had to choose a million dollar
Because I already have you.

If love is sweet

If love is sweet why does it hurt,
If love is deep why does it burn,
If love is warm why do we shiver,
If love is tender why do we cry,
If love is forever why do we die.


Watch your feelings
They become your thoughts
Watch your thoughts
They become your words
Watch your words
They become your actions
Watch your actions
They become your habits
Watch your habits
They form your character

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