He gave me U

I asked god 4 flower he gave me bouque.
I asked god 4 minute, he gave me day.
I asked god 4 true luv, he gave me that too.
I asked god 4 an angel and he gave me U.

Enjoy every moment

Life is very short,
So enjoy every moment,
Don’t lose your confidence,
Go always ahead.

What’s STUDY?

What’s STUDY?
Unlimited Dreaming and
Yawning…so STUDY.
(don’t waste ur time)
Oh god…! I have got soooo
much to STUDY…..

Then look beside U

When it hurts to take back,
And your scared to look ahead,
Then look beside U,
U will always find me,
Smiling and walking besides U.

“Missing U”

So Beware!!!

A stone is enough to break a glass,
One sentence is enough to break a heart,
One second is enough to fall in love,
And one misunderstanding is sufficient to break friendship.
So Beware!!!

Kindness in words

Kindness in words
Create confidence…
Kindness in thinking
Create profoundness…
Kindness in giving
Create love…

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