I luv u not because

I luv u not bcause I need u but I need u because I luv u

Life long Happy

Good Song – Few mins Happy
Good Film – Few Hours Happy
Good College – Few Years Happy
But a Good person like U
Makes life long Happy.

Choosing career is like chosing wife

Choosing career is like chosing wife from 10 girlfriends,
Even if u pick most beautiful, most intelligent, kindest woman,
There’s still pain of loosing 9

On this cold cold night

On this cold cold night,
In my small small room,
I look at the bright bright stars,
In the dark dark sky,
And dream of your sweet sweet smile,
On ur cute cute face!
Good Night!

Love is an illusion

Love is an illusion!
Its a highly dependency disorder
of weak hearted people..
People with strong hearts
believe in FLIRTING :p

If you learn to translate

If you learn to translate
Every event of Ur life into positive one,
You will stop being prisoner of Ur past
And become the architect of Ur future.

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