If you learn to translate

If you learn to translate
Every event of Ur life into positive one,
You will stop being prisoner of Ur past
And become the architect of Ur future.

You will find it funny

Joy with smile make and night gud say to wanted just
I that out find u when funny it find will U.

Read backwards!

Success is never permanent

Success is never permanent and
Failure is never final.

So always do not stop effort
Until your victory makes a history.

Good Luck!

Life long Happy

Good Song – Few mins Happy
Good Film – Few Hours Happy
Good College – Few Years Happy
But a Good person like U
Makes life long Happy.

You’ve graudated

You’ve graduated…

Its’ time for you to:

- Live it up
- To smile
- Take a bow

And time for me to say…
Way to go and WOW!

Keep in touch so that…

Frnd’s may “meet”.
Frnd’s may “scatter”.
But if hearts r “loyal”,
Distances nvr “matter”.
Keep in touch so tht our
Frnship grows “better”.

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