Make several women happy

Don’t marry & make a woman happy. In fact remain a bachelor & make several women happy.

Everyone get a mother like u

The memories of my childhood might be hazy in your mind
but the clarity of thought & purpose with which u brought me up
stands distinct in my intellect
I wish every child who comes into this world gets a mother like u
Happy Mother’s Day

Tortured students become… Engineers

Heated gold becomes ornament,
Beated copper becomes wire,
Depleted stone becomes statue,
Tortured students become… Engineers!

“FRIENDSHIP” is the gift that goes on

“FRIENDSHIP” is the gift that goes on,
Giving & is a gift to both the person,
Given to & to the giver as well.
But to really make it work it isn’t,
Enough to give to another person.
You have also to let them give to you.

Reason for your happiness

I will be a reason for your happiness and not be a part of it &
I will be a part of your sadness and not a reason for it.

I Love U

8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning… I Love You

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