Sweet friendship sms

Softly the leaves of memory will fall,
Slowly i’ll gather n pick them all,
B’coz 2day,2morrow n till my life is through,
I’ll always cherish having a friend like U..

Your friendship is more than…

Your friendship is more beautiful than a rose.
Your friendship is more soothing than listening to the waves of the cool, blue ocean.
Your friendship is more dependable than a seeing eye dog.
Your friendship is more exciting than the superbowl.
Your friendship is more loving than two lovebirds singing in a tree.
Your friendship is more precious than a diamond ring.

Love marriage and arranged marriage

Its funny when people discuss over
Love marriage and arranged marriage
It is like asking a person if he would
Like to “hang himself” or “shoot himself”.

When it hurts to look back

When it hurts to look back,
And you’re scared to look ahead,
You can look beside & see me standing there!


In life don’t be slow so that i miss u,
Don’t be too fast that u miss me,
Just be with me so that we are together,
For the moment called forever.

Never take some one for granted

Never take some one for granted,
Hold every person close to your heart,
Because you might wake up one day and realize,
That you have lost a diamond,
While you were too busy collecting stones.

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