Cutest person is U

Shortest word is I.
Sweetest word is LOVE.
Cutest person is U.

12 Stages of modern love

12 Stages of modern love!

January – Rose
February – Propose
March – Gift
April – Lift
May – Chatting
June – Dating
July – Miss you
August – Kiss you
September – Anger
October – Danger
November – Left
December – Next Love

I clean my tears …

When i cry i see u in my tears, but i clean my tears therefore no 1 can see u.

You’re always there.

I love the way you make me happy,
and the ways you show your care.
I love the way you say,
“I Love You”, and the way you’re always there.

Make a relationship which never ends

Make a heart which never break
Make a smile which never hurts
Make a life which never pains
Make a relationship which never ends

Better than me? No Way!

You may meet people
Better than me,
Funnier than me,
More beautiful than me,

But one thing i can say to you
I will always be there for you when they all leave you…
To kick you at your back and say
“Better than me, no way”

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