Sun is missing U

Sun is upset and moon is happy,
Bcoz sun is missing U,
And moon is gonna be with U,
For rest of the night,
Have a wonderful night.

Gudnight virus

  .: #  # :.
  (     .,.)
  (       o)
 (”’)     (”’)

Just blew you a “Gudnight virus”
Its contagious…full of luv and care

Wishing u a lovely goodnite

The moon from the sky winks at you tonight,
Wishing you a lovely goodnight,
Hoping the sweet dreams embrace you tight.

I wouldn’t be happy

Sun wouldn’t be red,
Sea wouldn’t be blue,
I wouldn’t be happy,
Without disturbing u.
“Gud Nite”

Cuddle up and sleep tight

I have given some marvelous persons a special place in my heart
And u happen to be the one among them topping the list.
Good night and lots of sweet sugary dreams.
Cuddle up and sleep tight.

Gold Nite

Sorry,i am very sleepy,
If there is any smelling mintake,
Ten plz carrot it n read.
Plz dont hisstake me! Gud fight.
Just for bun !! Sweat dance

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