Emergency landing


D0 I have permisi0n to make an emergency landing in ur bedroom 2nite?

Hum na hote to aap kho gaye hote

Hum na hote to aap kho gaye hote,
Apni zindgi se ruswa ho gaye hote!
Yeh to aapko GOOD NIGHT kehne,
K liye jaag rahe hai,
Varna hum to kab k so gye hote!!!

Wish u sweet dreamz

Lying on my bed,
Lookin @ the clock,
I know that its time 2 zzz,
I wonder how have u been today…
Hope that everything is fine..
Wish u sweet dreamz n sleep tight!

Deepak mein agar noor na hota

Deepak mein agar noor na hota,
Tanha dil yeh majbhoor na hota,
Hum apko good night kahne aate,
Agar apka ghar itna door na hota.
Good night & have sweet dream…!

Jagte raho

Dosti agar buri ho, to use hone mat do,
Ho gayi to use khone mat do,
Aur agar dost ho sabse pyara to use sone mat do,
Jagte raho…

Gudnight virus

  .: #  # :.
  (     .,.)
  (       o)
 (”’)     (”’)

Just blew you a “Gudnight virus”
Its contagious…full of luv and care

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