Beautiful thoughts in beautiful mind

Beautiful thoughts in beautiful mind,
Give beautiful dreams in beautiful eyes,
So enjoy these beautiful night in beautiful dreams,
In beautiful night in beautiful manners,
So heartily “GOOD NIGHT”.

Gudnight virus

  .: #  # :.
  (     .,.)
  (       o)
 (”’)     (”’)

Just blew you a “Gudnight virus”
Its contagious…full of luv and care

Something is waiting for U

Hi had ur dinner
Go 2 bed fast
Because something is waiting 4 u
Do u know what is that…?

“Sweet dreams”
Gud nite!

Hum na hote to aap kho gaye hote

Hum na hote to aap kho gaye hote,
Apni zindgi se ruswa ho gaye hote!
Yeh to aapko GOOD NIGHT kehne,
K liye jaag rahe hai,
Varna hum to kab k so gye hote!!!

Bade armano se banwaya hai

Bade armano se banwaya hai usse,
Roshni se sajaya hai,
Bahut dur se mangwaya hai,
Zara khidki khol ke dekho,
Aapko good night kehne chand bhijwaya hai.

Gold Nite

Sorry,i am very sleepy,
If there is any smelling mintake,
Ten plz carrot it n read.
Plz dont hisstake me! Gud fight.
Just for bun !! Sweat dance

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