Just U & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL

One day you’ll be surprised to see ME beside U.
U & ME laughing,
U & ME crying,
U & ME dreaming,
U & ME holding on,
U & ME…

just U & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & ME CHECKING U.

Today is a gift

Yesterday was history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
But today is a gift. Thats why it is called
Enjoy the Day…

Wish for today

When God opened the window of the Heaven He asked me: What is your wish for today? ?

I said : please take special care of the person reading this!

You are heart of life…

Birth is the start of life,
Beauty is the art of life,
Mystery & risk are part of life,
But true friends like you are heart of life…

Trust me

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if U wanna see me
Dont search, just see Ur shadow
I wil be there…Trust Me.

How to stop missing u

I have learned how to luv, to smile, to b happy, to b strong, to work hard, to b honest, to b faithful, to forgive, but I couldn’t learn how to stop missing u.

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