Cutest person is U

Shortest word is I.
Sweetest word is LOVE.
Cutest person is U.

U sacrifice a lot to keep them

Keeping a friend is as difficult as losing one.
U sacrifice a lot to keep them.
I may not have sacrificed enough 4 U,
But in my heart I swear I’m keeping U.


Do U know similarity between Dinosaurs and Decent girls?

Both don’t exist…

In my heart

In my heart our luv is heard like a ring tone.
In my ears Ur speech is heard like voice mail.
But when I called for response
Subscriber can’t reach at the moment.

5 greatest words…

5 greatest words : I dun wanna lose U.
4 pleasant words : I care for U.
3 sweet words : I admire U.
2 wonderful words : Miss U.
1 most important word : “U”

Friendship is a blessing

Friendship is a blessing and to all those who have a friend.
it is the most precious gift god could ever send..
Here is wishing you a “Happy Friendship Day”

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