Doctor, I have a problem

Sardarji ( to doctor ) : ‘Doctor, I have a problem.’
Doctor : ‘What’s your problem?’
Sardarji : ‘I keep forgetting things.’
Doctor : ‘Since when do you have this problem?’
Sardarji : ‘What problem?’

When somebody never forgets U

Feel good when somebody Miss U.
Feel better when somebody Loves U.
But feel best when somebody never forgets u.

I live for u

Never ask 4 a kiss, just take it.
Never give a hug, ask 4 it.
Never ask do u luv me, first say I luv u.
Never say i can’t live without u, say I live for u.

When I first saw you

When I first saw you I was afraid to talk to you,
When I first talked to you I was afraid to like you,
When I first liked you I was afraid to love you,
Now that I love you I’m afraid to lose you.

Love is not something

Love is not something that happens on first sight,
It happens when you start knowing each other,
And it turn ending up needing each other,
For every feeling,for every thought and for every moment.

Need a hug

Alone? I am beside.
Afraid? I will comfort u.
Hurt? U may cry on my shoulder.
Need a hug? My arms r urs. Asking why!!
Coz u r special & will be forever…!

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