U get close to my heart

U came from no where, n in no time got close… not 2 me, but to my heart.

Lips join together

Lips do not join when we say LOVE.. that is “Sign of distance”
But lips join together when we say FRIENDSHIP.. That is “Sign of togetherness”

Friend is a glimpse of god

Every nice friend is a glimpse of god,
As he is one of his blessings &
Is a priceless gift that can never be bought,
sold or forgotten, just like u.

Be positive always

1 tree makes 1 Lakh matchsticks
But 1 matchstick can burn 1 Lakh trees.
Similarly 1 negative thought or doubt can burn thousands of dreams….
Be Positive Always !!!

Love for a reason

Perfect love is not phone calls and stolen kisses,
Its the silent smiles in memories of ur sweetheart.
Perfect love is not flight-kiss and make-up,
Its loving the one who annoys the hell out of you.
Love for a reason ,let the reason be the love and love only…

True friends

True friends are those who are there for you unconditionally.
Never do they question, but always offer support no matter what
The circumstances are.
Best friends are the people worth living for.

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