Love the heart that hurts you

Love the heart that hurts you
But never hurt the heart that loves you.

Kick off ur shoes

Kick off ur shoes,
Take a break,
Crank the tunes,
Dance & shake,
Light the candles,
Cut the cake,
Make it a day,
That’s simply great!!!
“Happy BirthDay”

Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat

Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat,
Sweet words r nice 2 say,
But sweet people r really hard 2 find.
My goodness, how did U manage 2 find me!!!

You bring me happiness

The gift wrapping is over
The cards are gone
Yet my heart continues
To sing this song

You are my blessing
The love of my life
You are the reason
I have no strife

You bring me happiness
You bring me light
Your smile reflects
A joy so bright

The hours are filled
With warm and caring
Each moment overflow
With heartfelt sharings.

Happy Valentine Day

I fall in Love

They say u only fall in love once, it can’t be true.
Everytime i look at u, I fall in love all over again.

Friendship is about …

Friendship is about …
bringing out the positive when everything seems negative,
being accepted for who you are,
being able to pick up right where you left off,
sharing, talking, and laughing.
Friendship is about us, and for that I’m grateful.
And I hope you have the best birthday ever, friend!

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