Love is heat

Love is heat.
You are sweet.
When two Lips are meet.
Love is complete.

She will visit u very soon

Today she was asking me your details.
I gave her your cell number.
I hope she will be visiting u very soon.
Her name is

This heart always belongs 2 u

Heart changes, I know they do… but this heart always belongs 2 u.
Heart hurts, I know they do… but this heart hurts more without u.

Funny movie titles related to students

Some movie titles related to students:

Exams: Socha na tha
Classes: Kabhi kabhi
Question papers: Na tum jano na hum
Copying: Yaarana
Maths2: Asambhav
Maths1: Mission impossible
Environmental sciences: Pyar mein kabhi kabhi
1st semester: Kuch to hai
2nd semester: Yeh kya ho raha hai
Distinction: Kal ho na ho
1st class: Raju bangaya gentleman
2nd class: Dil mange more
Fail: Phir milenge

How long can we be friends

A simple calculation on how long we will be lovely friends.

Count the stars in heaven + sand on the shore and multiply by the heartbeat = FOREVER

Boyfriend, lovers and husbands

Boyfriends are like panipuri,
Tastes good anytime.

Lovers r like PIZZAS,
Hot & spicy, eaten frequently.

Husbands r like Dal RICE,
eaten when there is no choice…

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