Only small babies..

One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this village?

Sardar: no sir, only small Babies!!!

Special someone

People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is.

How u hold on

Loving is not how u forget but how u forgive,
not how u listen but how u understand,
not what u see but how u feel
& not how u let go but how u hold on.

I think this is 1st msg for u..

2Day is day of smart people!
So send this msg 2 sum 1 who
Looks smart. Plz don’t send back 2 me
I already have received 1,09,85,952 msg,
I think this is 1st msg for u..

Sorrow keeps you human

Sorrow keeps you human,
Failure keeps you humble,
Success keeps you glowing,
But only God keeps you going.

Cute devil friends!

When I was born, GOD said “oh no ! cute devil”
When U were born , God said “oh…Great competition”
Who knew that someday these devil’s would become FRIENDS.

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