Your smile may be a pearl

Some times ur existence gives hope to one person,
Your smile may be a pearl for someone,
Your presence might be the desire of the 1 who loves U dearly.
So value yourself.

Caring for someone

Caring for someone is easy but to make someone care for U is difficult.
So, never loose the one who really cares for u.

I’m sure U must be very happy

Its monsoon and I’m sure U must be very happy,
U must be feeling like going out,
getting dressed, sing songs, splash water,
And find someone special. Right?
Every frog feels the same!!!!

It spells mother

Many hugs
Only luv never anger
Teaching me
Helping me
Every smile when I was sad
Raising me to be strong

It spells Mother. Thanks for being u.

You like an angle

Tell me how to win your mind,
Without seeing you eyes became blind,
Praying God for our bind,
Like you an Angel hard to find,
24 hours you swirl in my mind.


Do U know similarity between Dinosaurs and Decent girls?

Both don’t exist…

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