A rupee is easy 2 earn

A rupee is easy 2 earn,
a friend is hard 2 find.
A rupee loses its value,
a friend increases its worth,
I lost a rupee when I sms U but who cares.
I got a friend like U.

How much u really mean to me

If the day comes when i die
And go up to the sky as i am there
I will write ur name on every star
So u look up and see
How much u really mean to me

Heart still continues to beat

Let luv be the guide to ur dreams,
Let luv be the light to ur heart,
Let ur luv be the reason why somebody else’s heart still continues to beat.

Happy Valentine Day

Without Love — dayz are
shatterday… so be in Luv everyday…
Wish u a Happy Valentine’s Day

Perfact love is not receiving

Perfact love is not receiving,
It is giving and forgiving.
Perfact love is not red roses on valentine day,
Its the rest of 364 days of knowing you love someone.

Same sky

When u need Someone to be beside U and no One is around,
Just Gaze up in the Sky, U might not see me
But be sure that we are under the same sky.

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