Sardarji sank a man…

When TITANIC was sinking, a man asks Sardarji, how far is LAND?
Sardar: 2kms….
Man jumps into THE sea & asks: which way?

Be happy the way u are

A baby monkey asked its mom
Why couldn’t god make me beautiful?
Mum replied: be happy the way u r
At least u don’t look like the person reading this…

I’ll be ur friend till we grow old

Friendship is a chain of gold. Each link is a smile, a laf, a tear, a grip of d hand, a word of cheer. No matter how heavy the load, I’ll be ur friend till we grow old.

You can keep me

You can have me if you want.
You can keep me if you try
But one thing I request U,
Please never make me cry.
I Love You

If u love someone

If you care & love someone don’t lose a grip on the person,
You’ll never know the one YOU let go might be the one You’ve waited for all your life.

There are two things in life

There are two things in life,
That are more painful than death,
One is when ur luv loves U and doesn’t tell U,
Other is when ur luv doesn’t love U,
And tells U!!!

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