I can only say

Alone I can only say,
But together we can shout,
Alone I can only smile,
But together we can laugh,
Alone I can only live,
But together we can celebrate,
That’s friendship.

Chinese died

Chinese was in the hospital, Santa went to meet him.
Chinese said: “CHING CHONG CHU CHU” & died.
Santa went to China to know the meaning, it was – IDIOT, REMOVE UR FOOT FROM MY OXYGN PIPE.

My eyes miss u

My eyes miss u,
My feeling love u,
My hand need u,
My mind call u,
My heart just 4 u.
I will die without u,
Bcoz I Love U.

Funny movie titles related to students

Some movie titles related to students:

Exams: Socha na tha
Classes: Kabhi kabhi
Question papers: Na tum jano na hum
Copying: Yaarana
Maths2: Asambhav
Maths1: Mission impossible
Environmental sciences: Pyar mein kabhi kabhi
1st semester: Kuch to hai
2nd semester: Yeh kya ho raha hai
Distinction: Kal ho na ho
1st class: Raju bangaya gentleman
2nd class: Dil mange more
Fail: Phir milenge

Look Outside it’s So Pleasant!

Look Outside it’s So Pleasant!
Sun Smiling 4 U !
Trees Dancing 4 U !
Birds Singing 4 U !
Because, I Asked Them All 2 Wish You
“A Happy Friendship Day”

Friendship is a blessing

Friendship is a blessing and to all those who have a friend.
it is the most precious gift god could ever send..
Here is wishing you a “Happy Friendship Day”

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