I kiss my wife everyday.

Santa: I kiss my wife everyday before leaving for office, what about u?
Banta: Me too, after u leave

Describing the love

If I were to describe love
than i would describe it as
what a snowman did to a snowwoman,
He gave him a warm hug and they
both melted in each others arms.

Happy anniversary

I’m sending this bouquet of love to say that i love you so much.
I hope i say it often enough i want you to know it’s true,
On this special occasion i want to remind you that
You are my everything and my love is true.
Happy anniversary lover!

Congratulation on your graduation…

On your graduation!
Wishing you luck & success…
In all that you do!

If u touch n feel its desire

If u touch n feel its desire.
If u touch n don’t feel its ignorance,
But u don’t touch n still feels its love.

As long as U r with me

As long as U r with me,
I can be wet with tears n still manage to laugh,
I can have world’s worst miseries n still not suffer,
But if U r not with me,
Those troubles don’t even need to touch me,
I’ll be completely destroyed.

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