How long can we be friends

A simple calculation on how long we will be lovely friends.

Count the stars in heaven + sand on the shore and multiply by the heartbeat = FOREVER

I’m watching Ur every movement

U r miles away from me.
Still I’m watching Ur every movement
by 3 different channels:

1. Discovery
2. National Geographic
3. Animal Planet

Sugar for milk

Sugar for milk,
Milk for tea,
Tea for you,
You for me.

Sweetest ALWAYS..

U look Sweet
When u read my sms
When u read n smile
when u read ,smile n reply
So try to be Sweetest ALWAYS..

Tortured students become… Engineers

Heated gold becomes ornament,
Beated copper becomes wire,
Depleted stone becomes statue,
Tortured students become… Engineers!

You will have no trouble

A lover says,
I will be with you in all your troubles”
But a good friend says,
You will have no trouble when i am with you ” & that’s me”

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